Exclude specific usernames from reports

You may have user accounts that should not be linked to IPInternet protocol addresses when reporting on the Exinda appliance, such as the account used for signing SMB traffic. Configure the Exinda AD Connector to prevent the IP address to username mapping being sent to the Exinda Appliance.

Before you begin…

You need to understand the process of:

To exclude usernames

  1. From the Start menu, click All Programs > Exinda Networks > Exinda AD Configuration Utility.
  2. Select the Excluded Users tab.
  3. Click in the Ignored User s area and type the full username of each user to ignore. Usernames are case sensitive. If the Active Directory has the user Domain/Test.User, and the excluded list has the user as Domain/test.user, the traffic is not excluded.


Regardless of the case of usernames in Active Directory, the Exinda Appliance displays the usernames with the first name capitalized and the surname in lower case; for example Domain/Test.user. Do not use the value in the Exinda Appliance when adding a username to the Excluded list.

  1. Click Apply.
  2. Request updated user and group information from the Active Directory server.
  3. Restart the Active Directory service.