Advanced Settings

After GFI WebMonitor is up and running, tweak your installation by configuring the following advanced options:

Option Description
Licensing and subscription details View information about the currently installed license. Renew or change your license.
Licensing Exclusion List Set up a list of users that are always allowed access to the Internet without being monitored. Excluded users do not consume a license.
UI Access Control Turn Windows Authentication on or off for users defined in the configured Authorization Rules. Add new Authorization Rules to grant limited access to users to different sections of GFI WebMonitor.
Configuring Activity Logging Configure data retention settings to enable the recording of data related to user activity. Collected data is used by GFI WebMonitor for dashboards and reports. You can also enable/disable Anonymization; a feature that masks user names in compliance with some countries’ data protection laws.
Configuring Anonymization Anonymization enables masking private user data in accordance with European privacy and data protection laws.
Language settings Change the language of warning messages sent to the user when GFI WebMonitor blocks user activity.
Configuring Security Engines Configure various security technologies such as anti-virus and anti-phishing engines to protect your network.
WebGrade updates Configure WebGrade updates to ensure that categorization and websites and applications monitored by GFI WebMonitor is always up to date.
System updates Configure the frequency of GFI WebMonitor product updates.
Configuring search engine options GFI WebMonitor can monitor user search queries to help identify potential risks, while also providing valuable insight into the mindset of your users.
Enable Caching

Caching transparently stores data so that future requests for that data are served faster. Caching helps bandwidth optimization.

Configuring Proxy settings on client Internet browsers

When WPADWeb Proxy AutoDiscovery protocol. is not enabled, client Internet browsers need to be configured to use GFI WebMonitor as the default proxy server. If this setting is not deployed, the client machines will by-pass GFI WebMonitor and the Internet traffic they generate will remain undetected.


This feature is not available for GFI WebMonitor installed as a plug-in for Microsoft Forefront TMG.