Troubleshooting and support


This section explains how to resolve any issues encountered during installation of GFI WebMonitor. The main sources of information available to solve these issues are:

  • This manual - most issues can be solved through the information in this section.
  • GFI Knowledge Base articles
  • Web forum
  • Contacting GFI Technical Support

GFI knowledge base

GFI maintains a comprehensive knowledge base repository, which includes answers to the most common problems. GFI knowledge base always has the most up-to-date listing of technical support questions and patches. If the information in this guide does not solve your problems, refer to knowledge base.

Web Forum

User to user technical support is available via the GFI Web Forum.

Request Technical Support

If none of the resources listed above enable you to solve your issues, contact the GFI Technical Support team by filling in an online support request.

Fill out the Technical support form and follow the instructions on this page to submit your support request.


Before contacting Technical Support, have your Customer ID available. Your Customer ID is the online account number that is assigned to you when first registering your license keys in the GFI Customer Area.

We will answer your query within 24 hours or less, depending on your time zone.


If this manual does not satisfy your expectations, or if you think that this documentation can be improved in any way, let us know via email on: