Configuring Activity Logging

All Internet traffic (excluding GFI WebMonitor updates) routed through GFI WebMonitor is logged for all licensed users by default. This data is required to populate dashboards and reports. GFI WebMonitor enables you to customize how long data is kept in the database.


The changes for retain activity data are applied after midnight.

Activity logging options

To configure logging options:

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Activity Logging.
  1. For optimization purposes, configure Data Retention using the following options:
Option Description

Retain activity data for

Specify the length of time that all type of data collected by GFI WebMonitor is retained. Data is deleted after the specified period expires. To configure how long to retain data, key in the number of days in this field. The default value is set to 365 days.


Activity data affects database size. Store activity data for a shorter period of time to save space. Data older than the specified number of days will no longer be available in DashboardEnables the user to obtain graphical and statistical information related to GFI WebMonitor operations.. Reports defined for earlier periods will be empty.

Retain Event Log data for

Define for how long event log data is kept in the database. After the specified period expires, only Event Log data is deleted - other data collected by GFI WebMonitor is not affected by this option. We recommend setting a shorter retention period when Full URLUniform Resource Locator. logging is enabled.


When Event Log data is deleted, information in the Event Log column in Bandwidth, Activity and Security dashboards will no longer be available. Some detailed reports are also affected.

  1. Click Save.