Policies are not applied

Issue encountered

Policies are configured correctly, but they are not being applied to the clients.


Client browsers are not configured to use a proxy server. This can be tested by accessing http://go.gfi.com/?pageid=proxy_test. The test shows if GFI WebMonitor is used as proxy or not.

Possible solutions

After the installation, GFI WebMonitor proxy machine has to be configured to listen for incoming user requests.

Option 1:

Enable WPADWeb Proxy AutoDiscovery protocol. to enable client computers to automatically detect GFI WebMonitor as the default proxy. Then configure Internet browsers to automatically detect proxy settings. For more information refer to Configure Internet browser for WPAD.

Option 2:

Configure client Internet browsers to use the GFI WebMonitor proxy machine as the default proxy by providing a fixed IP Address and Port number.