Page is not loading properly

Issue encountered

Some content, such as images, URLs and scripts are not displayed when visiting a website.


Many sites make use of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to dynamically display information. A CDN system keeps the copies of files at different servers across a global network. These networks are made up of several dedicated servers which work as distributed hosts of the content especially for static files such as images, videos, Java scripts, CSS files etc.

Possible solutions

Option 1:

To discover the sources, look in the lower left-hand corner of your browser for a caution sign. Double-click it to open a list of rendering errors on the page. In the list of errors, look for URLs that are linked to the errors.

After identifying the location of these images, and if the website is trusted, add them in the GFI WebMonitor WhitelistA list that contains information about what should be allowed by GFI WebMonitor. from Manage > Policies > Whitelist.

Option 2:

Make sure that the CDNs category is not blocked by one of the policies. From the GFI WebMonitor console, go to Manage > Policies . Check the settings of the policies and remove CDNs category if blocked by any policy.