Thirty Day Evaluation Plan

When evaluating GFI WebMonitor, we suggest you follow a plan spread over 30 days. Before you begin, consider the following recommendations for a successful GFI WebMonitor trial.

  • Testing users – Users included in the trial of GFI WebMonitor determine the success of the trial. Consider avoiding high-profile users, at least until you get the setup right, and only test the software by including users where your testing will not have any negative impact. This way you can avoid unintended issues.


The benefits offered by GFI WebMonitor are evident when testing is carried out on a large number of users rather than on a single user. However, do not test the software immediately on all the users in the company!

For example, create the following groups:

  • An All Staff Group
  • Groups for each department (if you want to apply specific policies based on departments)
  • Management Group
  • Senior Management Group.


The reason for creating different groups is that CEOs and senior management typically expect to have different policies than those applied to staff.

  • Trial phases - we recommend you carry out your trial in phases. For more information refer to Trial phases.
  • Take it easy – We’re sure you’re eager to start monitoring and filtering. However, immediate drastic changes create resentment and unease. Start by monitoring only, and apply blocks only where and when strictly necessary. When the product is installed, a number of pre-configured policies are automatically installed. Some of these policies are enabled by default, while others are turned off. These policies should be enough to get you started; however you can add as many policies as you like.


We’re here to help – if you have any problems with setting up or configuring the software correctly, get in touch with Support.

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