Using the Dashboards

The GFI WebMonitor Dashboards provide quick insight to activity on your network. Use the following monitoring tools to identify potential problems:

Option Description
Overview (Home) Provides a quick glance of current activity on the network, enabling you to identify network usage trends and tasks that need to be carried out by the administrator.
Bandwidth Shows activity related to bandwidth consumption. Use the provided filters to spot downloads or uploads that are affecting your network performance.
Activity Gives you insight on different types of activity during specific times of the day.
Security Displays activity related to security issues such as detection of infected files, malicious and phishing sites, as well as information related to the most common viruses attacking your network.
Real-Time Traffic Shows network traffic in real-time.
Quotas The Quotas dashboard lists active Web Browsing Quota Policies and their respective status.
Agents The Agents dashboard provides information related to the status of configured Agents.


If Anonymization is enabled, personal data (such as User Names and IPs) is masked. For more information refer to Configuring Anonymization.