Configuring a Licensing Exclusion List

The Licensing Exclusion List is a feature that enables users specified in the list to be excluded from licensing. The users in the list are still allowed full access to the Internet, but they are not be counted for licensing purposes.


Users in the Licensing Exclusion List are not monitored by GFI WebMonitor. Connections from the users in the list are excluded from being controlled or scanned by the antivirus engines.


The Licensing Exclusion List feature is not available when the Configuration Wizard runs for the first time. It becomes available after the initial setup has been completed.

Licensing exception list

To add users or IPs to the list:

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Licensing.
  2. In the Licensing Exclusion List area select Users and enter a user name in the available field, or select IPs and key in the IP address.
  3. Click the Add sign.
  4. Click Save.

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