Configuring the GFI WebMonitor Agent

The GFI WebMonitor Agent is a small footprint version of GFI WebMonitor. It can be deployed on portable computers (as a service) to apply web filtering policies when the machine is disconnected from the corporate network (for example when the user is at home or traveling on business).

While the device is connected to the corporate network , the GFI WebMonitor Agent downloads Remote Filtering Policies locally. These are specific policies that can be set up to be applied when roaming. With this functionality, the IT AdministratorThe person responsible for installing and configuring GFI WebMonitor. can apply policies based on whether users are at the office or away. For example, Streaming Media can be allowed outside the internal network but Adult material is always denied.

Web activity logging is still performed when the user is outside the network, providing full reporting capabilities. The GFI WebMonitor Agent uploads the collected data to the server once the machine is connected to the corporate network.


Anti-virusSoftware that detects viruses on a computer. protection is not deployed with the GFI WebMonitor Agent. For a complete web security solution, we recommend an additional local antivirus agent besides the web filtering agent.

When roaming, Web filtering is done by the agent (on the local computer) and therefore there is no additional complexity of making any changes to your corporate network’s infrastructure to enable remote filtering capabilities.

The GFI WebMonitor Agent agent is delivered with small light database for categorization and lookup purposes. When a website is not found on the local database, the agent performs online lookups against the GFI WebGrade categorization service.

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