Attaching large image files directly to the body of the ticket

When you try to add large image files directly into the body of the ticket, you may sometimes experience performance issues on your helpdesk. The helpdesk may stop responding, and the more images you add, the worse it becomes.

At some point, images finally attach, but the application consumes excessive CPU resources in the process.

This topic explains why this issue is occurring and how to fix it.

When you drag and drop or copy and paste images into the text area, the text editor in GFI HelpDesk (TinyMCE) encodes it as a Base64 or Blob image and uses it as the src attribute for the image tag.

As a result of the image being encoded in this way, the size of your HTML post increases significantly because encoded images are typically far larger than other file formats such as png, jpg, or gif. Therefore, if your content has ten images within it, adding ten encoded images increases greatly the size of the post and the time required to process it.