Admin Credentials for GFI WebMonitor Services

When GFI WebMonitor is installed, the following Windows services are created:

  • GFI Proxy
  • GFI WebMonitor Core Service

An account with Administrative privileges is required by these Windows services to control internal security engines, manage updates, notifications and User Interface. These credentials are configured after installation using the Configuration Wizard.


We do not recommend updating the password as this change impacts GFI WebMonitor operations.

To manage the admin credentials from within the Configuration Wizard: 

  1. Go to Settings > Configuration Wizard.
  2. Follow the wizard until you are presented with the Admin Credentials screen.
  3. Use the provided fields to enter the server's Admin credentials. For example:
  1. Click Validate to have the enetered credentials validated by GFI WebMonitor.
  2. Click Next and wait for GFI WebMonitor to restart the services.


The Configuration Wizard is launched automatically after installing GFI WebMonitor or manually from the Settings menu.