Deployment in a Simple Proxy environment

Install GFI WebMonitor in Simple Proxy mode if you want to route client HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol. traffic through GFI WebMonitor and non-HTTP traffic through a separate router. To select this mode, ensure that:

  • Users are using a router to connect to the Internet
  • GFI WebMonitor is installed within the local LANLocal Area Network..


The Transparent Proxy feature cannot be enabled when GFI WebMonitor is deployed in Simple Proxy mode. For more information refer to Configuring Transparent Proxy.

GFI WebMonitor installed in Simple Proxy mode

The router must be configured to block all traffic except traffic generated by GFI WebMonitor. This can be achieved by using one of the following methods:

Option Description
Port Blocking

Blocking client requests and allowing GFI WebMonitor traffic.

Traffic Forwarding

Forwarding all traffic from the client to GFI WebMonitor machine.

The Simple Proxy mode supports two types of proxy configuration:

Proxy configuration Description
WPADWeb Proxy AutoDiscovery protocol.

WPAD broadcasts the proxy settings to the browsers using a JavaScript file. When this option is enabled, the browser on the client machine must have their settings configure to automatically detect a proxy. For more information refer to Configure Internet browser for WPAD.

Manual settings

The clients' browser can be set manually to use the proxy server. This option can be very convenient during evaluation and troubleshooting situations. For more information refer to Configure browser proxy settings on the clients' machine.