GFI WebMonitor services

The table below lists the GFI WebMonitor services that are created during installation. Note that these services run using an account with administrative privileges. For more information refer to Admin Credentials for GFI WebMonitor Services.

Service name Description Account
GFI Proxy

The GFI Proxy service is only created in the Standalone Proxy Version of GFI WebMonitor. It is used as an agent service for the Proxy server, ISAPI module and Web Filtering.

Local System
GFI WebMonitor Core Service

The GFI WebMonitor Core Service is used as a worker service. Its functionality includes:

  • Scanning downloads via AV scanning engines.
  • Managing content updates for the various GFI WebMonitormodules.
  • Sending notification emails to administrator and users.
  • Provide services used to host admin UI.
  • Loading WebGrade database to memory

Member of Domain Admin group.

Account needs access to ADActive Directory.


During product updates the GFI WebMonitor services need to be stopped and restarted. This action disrupts Internet connections going through GFI WebMonitor. Internet usage can resume once the services are restarted.

To view status of GFI WebMonitor services:

  1. On the GFI WebMonitor server, click Start > Run and key in “services.msc
  2. From the list of services displayed locate the following services:
  • GFI Proxy
  • GFI WebMonitor Core Service