Creating a new HTTPS Scanning certificate

After decrypting HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer (SSL). websites, GFI WebMonitor can re-encrypt these websites for secure transmission to the client browser. To perform these actions, GFI WebMonitor requires a valid certificate signed by a trusted Certification Authority (CA). You can import an existing certificate or create a new certificate in GFI WebMonitor by performing the following steps:


When the certificate expires, browsing of HTTPS websites is not allowed. Renew, export and deploy the certificate again to client computers.

To create a new certificate

  1. Go to Settings > Core Settings > HTTPS Scanning.

Settings for a new certificate

  1. In the Current Certificate area, click Create Certificate.
  2. In the Certificate Name field, type a name for the certificate.
  3. Set the expiration date and click Create.