Configuring Microsoft® SQL Database

GFI WebMonitor supports both Microsoft® SQL Server Express and Microsoft® SQL Server databases.

To point GFI WebMonitor to use a previously created Microsoft® SQL Server database:

  1. In GFI WebMonitor, go to Settings > Core Settings > Database.

SQL database settings

  1. From Database Type, select SQL Server.
  2. In the SQL Server field, type the SQL Server instance name.
  3. In the Authentication area, select one of the following:
Option Description
Windows Authentication Select this option to use Windows® credentials when connecting to your SQL Server®.
SQL Server Authentication If your SQL Server® has been installed in SQL Server Authentication Mode, select this option and provide Username and Password.
  1. In the Database Name field, type the name of the database created in SQL Server®.


Ensure that the database name entered is unique, otherwise you will overwrite the existing database.


You can create a new database from within GFI WebMonitor. For more information refer to Creating a new Microsoft SQL Database.