Understanding how tags work

Tags are a quick and powerful way to keep your helpdesk organized and easy-to-navigate. By tagging content with descriptive keywords or phrases, you can make it much easier for your team to find the information they're looking for – fast.

You can use tags on the following types of GFI HelpDesk content:

  • Support tickets
  • Live chat conversations
  • Offline messages and surveys
  • User accounts
  • Organization profiles

For each type of content, you'll see a field that looks like this:

Type here to insert tag

You can type any keyword you want to use. The field searches any tags you've already used, so it's easy to stick to a defined set of tags.

You can also use phrases, but they'll need to be joined together with hyphens or underscores:

To insert phrases as tags join with hyphen or undersocres

Once you've created a tag on a piece of content, the tag appears in the sidebar of the staff control panel, whenever you're viewing that type of content.

Inserted tags appear in tag cloud in the left panel

Clicking on a tag immediately filters the queue – or list of whatever content you're viewing – and only display items with that tag.


You can also manually search using tags by typing 'tag:' followed by the keyword.

Now that we've covered the basics, let's walk through how to start tagging your content.