Understanding user types and interfaces

You are on your way to delivering amazing support to every one of your customers. This guide is designed to help you get familiar with the basics and hit the ground running.

By the end of this section, you will know how GFI HelpDesk is organized, where to find each tool and section, and what to do there.

Meet user types:

There are three (3) types of user in GFI HelpDesk: admin (that’s you), staff and the end user. Each has their own home:

User type Their area Where to find it
Administrator user Admin control panel yourname.gfihelpdesk.com/admin
Staff user Staff control panel yourname.gfihelpdesk.com/staff
Your customers (end users) Support center yourname.gfihelpdesk.com

An admin user is a staff user, but with admin privileges, which means they can access the admin control panel.

You can set up most of your helpdesk in the admin control panel. Then you can head over to the staff panel to begin handling your customers and resolving tickets.

Meanwhile, your customers can use the support center to browse self-service content, submit new tickets, review their previous tickets and start live chats.