The areas of your helpdesk

Below are the areas of your helpdesk:

Admin control panel

An admin user is essentially a staff member with additional privileges. In the admin control panel, they can:

  • Add new teams and staff
  • Create new departments
  • Set permissions, restrictions and rules
  • Customize the support center
  • Add custom statuses, priorities and types
  • Manage rules, workflow, and automation

Staff control panel

Anyone in your team who needs to talk with customers and manage the helpdesk needs a staff user account. Not all staff members are created equally, though. As an admin, you can set rights and restrictions for other staff members.

In the staff control panel, your team can:

  • Correspond with your customers
  • Create tickets (send emails to customers)
  • Manage and resolve tickets
  • Manage customer accounts and organization profiles
  • Publish self-service content to the support center
  • Review live chat transcripts and call recordings
  • Run reports

Support center

The support center is the customer-facing touchpoint of your helpdesk. In the support center, your customers can:

  • Submit new tickets
  • Track and update their existing tickets
  • Start live chats
  • Get answers from your self-service content

Using the support center is optional: you do not have to force your customers through it. Customers can reach you via the helpdesk through email, live chat widgets, and phone without needing to use the support center.

Some GFI HelpDesk customers prefer to make the helpdesk transparent to the customer, others prefer to use the support center and provide a go-to support portal for their customers.