Monitoring network traffic in real time

This section describes real-time reporting with the Exinda Web UI. The real-time monitors display information related to traffic that has passed through monitored links during the previous 10 seconds.

There are several views to help you understand real-time network traffic. These include traffic by applications, by hosts (and users), by conversations, and by reductionmeasures the amount of redundant data that has been removed from the network, increasing capacity per application. Typically, conversations in real time are the most valuable view, as each conversation is shown separately rather than collapsing across an application or host. Also the conversation view allows you to filter the view by IPInternet protocol address or subnet.

When investigating a current issue, the real time monitors allow you to answer questions like:

  • My link is congested; which conversations, applications, or hosts may be contributing to the congestion?
  • I know I have an issue with a particular host or subnet; what traffic is that host handling?

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