Monitoring hosts traffic volume

The Hosts report shows the top hosts by data volume for the selected time period. For more information refer to Setting the time period for a report.

Traffic inbound into your LANLocal area network is reported separately from the outbound traffic. You can view internal and external hosts and data is graphed separately for Top Listeners and Top Talkers. This allows multi-site enterprises to monitor corporate systems while excluding Internet servers.

This report answers questions such as:

  • What internal hosts are the top talkers and top listeners?
  • Which external hosts are top talkers from which internal hosts are retrieving information?
  • Which external hosts are top listeners from which internal hosts are sending information to?
  • Could one host be choking out my network?

Use this information to determine if you need to create policies for these high data volume hosts. You may want to create protection policies for your business critical server machines or create control policies to limit hosts that are abusing the network.


The hosts report as a time-series is available in version 7.0.3 and higher.

The Hosts report displays traffic volume over time and top listeners.


Average bandwidth is calculated as the total bits observed in the charting interval divided by the number of seconds in that interval. E.g. For a chart with an hour of data, the intervals are five minutes.