Monitoring network throughput

The Network Summary report shows traffic throughput over time by application, application groups, internal or external hosts, internal or external users, conversations, or URLS. You can remove items from the chart to isolate traffic patterns and sources.

This report answers questions such as:

  • What is the pattern of throughput for particular apps, app groups, users, hosts, etc.?
  • Are there any spikes and what type of traffic may be causing the spikes?
  • What would happen to the throughput if I created a policy to block a particular app, application group, user, or host?

The charts help you diagnose issues and perform what-if scenarios to determine the right size of your network.

The report shows LANLocal area network-side and WANWide Area Network-side charts for both inbound traffic and outbound traffic. The total data volume, maximum throughput, and average throughput is also shown in tables below each chart. The charts aggregate data outside the top 10 in a category named "Other".

The Network Summary report displays LAN traffic volume for the top 10 inbound applications.