Integrating Kerio Connect and Kerio Operator

What are the possibilities of Kerio Operator and Kerio Connect integration

There are several posibilities how to integrate Kerio Operator and Kerio Connect:

Integrating voicemail

The integration synchronizes flags which marks whether a voicemail message has been read/played. If you mark a message as read in Kerio Phone or if the message is marked as read after you hear it on your phone, the message will also be flagged as read in your mailbox (and vice versa).

If integration with Kerio Connect is set, voicemail messages are not stored in Kerio Operator but in user's Inbox on the mailserver.


Limitation: You can integrate Kerio Connect with a single Kerio Operator only.

Searching the address book on Kerio Connect on provisioned phones

For more information refer to Accessing company contacts through LDAP on provisioned phones.

Calling directly from Kerio Connect Client

For more information refer to Configuring Click to Call in Kerio Connect client.

Configuring voicemail integration

If you want to set up voicemail integration, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Configuration > Users.
  2. In the users' settings, type their email addresses.


Use the primary email address (not an alias) — otherwise sending of messages to Inbox will not work.

  1. Go to Configuration > Voicemail > Email.
  2. Change the SMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol - An internet standard used for email transmission across IP networks. server settings to Integrate with Kerio Connect.
  3. Click Configure and type the DNS name of Kerio Connect.


If the IMAP service runs on a nonstandard port in Kerio Connect, enter the server name including the port number (hostname:12345)

  1. Specify the name and password of a user with admin rights for Kerio Connect.

Authentication details are used for the first connection to Kerio Connect and creation of a special account using JSON-RPC2 API for authentication. Once this special account is created, the PBXPrivate Branch Exchange - System that connects telephone extensions and switches calls. drops the administrator's name and password.


To synchronize flags between the two servers, Kerio Operator uses protocol IMAP with TLS or IMAPS. If Kerio Connect is behind firewall, enable at least one service on standard port. The IMAP or IMAPS services need to be allowed on Kerio Connect server.

Opening ports

If servers are behind a firewall, open the following ports:

  • 143/993
  • 4040


If Kerio Connect is protected by firewall, verify that the 143/993 and 4040 ports for the IMAP/IMAPS protocols are open.

The IMAP/IMAPS services must be running in Kerio Connect.

If you cannot connect Kerio Operator with Kerio Connect, consult the following logs:

  • In Kerio Operator, consult the Warning log for any problems with the IMAP service.
  • In Kerio Operator, consult the Error log for problems with connection to Kerio Connect’s IMAP server.
  • In Kerio Connect, consult the Mail log for information about delivered voicemails.