Customization of voice sets

This summary provides information on how to customize/change voice sets in Kerio Operator.

The Internet provides many sources of localized and customized basic sounds and voice prompts. Voice sets for various languages can be found at However, it is recommended to use voice sets present in Kerio Operator than downloading them from the Internet, as it may not include all of the prompts used by Kerio Operator.

To customize voice sets:

  1. Log in to Kerio Operator administration. For more information refer to Logging into Kerio Operator Administration.
  2. Go to the System Health dialog, hold the shift key and click Tasks. You should see an option to enable SSH.
  3. Log in to your system with an SSH client (using root and your admin password).
  4. Go to /var/lib/asterisk/sounds.
  5. Download the directory of sounds you will use as a base (e.g. en_GB).
  6. Modify the .gsm sound files using any compatible sound editor.
  7. Compress the folder.
  8. Back in the Admin Console, open Advanced Options > Telephony.
  9. Click Configure next to Default phone language option and upload the voice sets.

Once you upload a voice and sound set, you can use it for Kerio Operator, individual interfaces or individual users. For more information refer to Language settings in Kerio Operator.