Creating staff accounts and assigning them to teams

Staff user accounts are created and managed within the admin control panel. A staff user account can be a regular staff user account (that has access only to the staff control panel) or it can be an administrator account (that has access both to the staff control panel as a staff user and the admin control panel as an admin user).

Further, the staff user accounts can be categorized in teams to create different access levels, which are also managed within the administrator control panel.

Teams can be assigned permissions which all staff users inherit if specified for the staff user account. Additionally, if specified, a staff user account can have individual permissions and still be a member of a team. All staff user accounts must be a member of a team, and the default two teams are Staff and Administrator.

A staff user becomes an administrator user when added to the administrator team. You may specify the permissions in Admin CP by navigating to Staff > Manage Teams.

There are different permissions provided which can be assigned to the staff according to the team type.

For staff team, there are 49 different permissions that are specified regarding the action that are performed in Staff CP.

For the administrator team, there are 66 different permissions that are specified regarding the actions that are performed in Admin CP.