Disk Storage Explained

The Exinda appliance can dynamically change the amount of storage allocated to system services. The Storage Configuration page allows you to see how much disk storage is currently allocated to each system service, as well as the amount currently in use. Users can re-size and reallocate disk space as required. The storage for particular services, such as cifs, edge-cache, logs, monitor, users, and wan-memory, can be encrypted if desired.


  • Resize operation is not permitted on encrypted volumes.
  • Before changing the size of a partition, you must remove the encryption from the partition and put the appliance into Bypass mode. See, CLI: Bypass or NIC Settings.

Disk Storage settings

The disk storage map shows which services are using disk storage and their current status. It also shows the amount of storage allocated to each service, along with their amount of free space and minimum storage requirements. Services have the capability to be encrypted. It also indicates whether the storage for those services is currently encrypted.

The Disk Configuration section shows a summary of storage by disk partition.

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