Resizing disk storage for a service

The Storage configuration page allows you to see how much disk storage is currently allocated to each system service, as well as the amount currently in use. Users can re-size and reallocate disk space as required.

Important notes

  • Resize and format operations are not permitted on encrypted volumes.
  • Put the Exinda Appliance into bypass before changing the partition size of wan-memory. See, CLI: Bypass or NIC Settings.
  • Storage size can be specified in terms of kilobytes (K), megabytes (M), gigabytes (G), or percentage (%). Use % when entering a storage size to indicate a storage amount as a percentage of free space available. This can be useful when re-allocating storage between services; entering 100% will increase the storage size by the currently unallocated space.
  • When decreasing the amount of storage available to a service, the service may be stopped until the storage operation has completed. If you are decreasing the amount of storage to less than that is currently being used, then the entire content of the storage for the specified service will be discarded.

Resizing procedure

Use the following instructions to resize the disk storage for a service. These instructions apply to each service.

  1. On your browser, open the Exinda Web UI (https://Exinda_IPInternet protocol_address).
  2. Key-in the User and Password.
  3. Click Login.
  1. Go to Configuration > System > Setup > Storage.
  2. Find the entry for the service in the table.
  3. In the Size column, edit the amount of storage available to a service.
  4. On the same row, click Resize.