Disk Storage Encryption

Encryption plays an essential role in securing the integrity of personal data since it ensures that information that could be intercepted by non-authorized third-parties is not accessible.

Exinda Appliance offers the administrators the capacity to encrypt and decrypt different services. Services that have encryption option available are:

Service Description
CIFS Service used by the Common Internet File System (CIFS).
Edge-Cache Service that catches files for the Edge-Cache feature.
WANWide Area Network-memory Service used for the data deduplication module of Exinda's Application Acceleration Technology.
Log Service that enables the storage of debug log information.
Monitor Service that monitors network objecta logical definition created and stored in the Exinda lilbrary, can represent any network component usage.
Users Service that monitors user objects' activities.

Important notes

  • In case you wish to switch back to a previous version of Exinda that does not support the encryption of log, monitor and users services, make sure that all these services are not encrypted before trying to boot the previous product version. Failure to do so may result in irreparable errors in the respective service, requiring a fresh installation.
  • Encryption results in more resources being utilized and hence, performance may be affected.
  • Do not interrupt the encryption/decryption operations to minimize the risk of data loss.
  • It is recommended to enable/disable encryption when the Exinda device is not in use to avoid service downtime.
  • During an encryption/decryption operation, the original data is moved to a temporary location on the device and then moved back to the original location. The administrator needs to ensure that the device has enough free space for this operation. The operation requires the size of the encrypted service plus ten percent to ensure that it completes successfully.
  • Resize and format operations are not permitted on encrypted volumes.
  • When Exinda is upgraded from a previous version, in most cases not enough space is allocated to the new log service and the Size column displays zero. The administrator is required to manually free up space on the device and resize the log service at least to the minimum required value before volume can be encrypted or formatted.
  • A reboot is required after an encrypt/decrypt operation for changes to take effect when encrypting the following services:
  • Monitor
  • Users
  • Log

Disk storage encryption options

Enabling Encryption

To enable encryption:

  1. On your browser, open the Exinda Web UI (https://Exinda_IPInternet protocol_address).
  2. Key-in the User and Password.
  3. Click Login.
  1. Go to Configuration > System > Setup > Storage.
  2. Click Encrypt next to the service you want to encrypt.

Enabling Decryption

To enable decryption:

  1. On your browser, open the Exinda Web UI (https://Exinda_IP_address).
  2. Key-in the User and Password.
  3. Click Login.
  1. Go to Configuration > System > Setup > Storage.
  2. Click No Encrypt next to the service you want to decrypt.