The Disk Storage Map

  • Service – Services using disk storage
  • Status – the status of that storage; the disk storage may be in one of several states, depending on which operation has been selected:
  • available – Storage is online and available to the service.
  • growing – Storage size was increased, and the file system is being reconfigured to use the newly created space.
  • shrinking – Storage size was decreased, and the file system is being reconfigured to use the decreased amount of storage available.
  • formatting – Storage is being formatted.
  • checking – Storage file system is being checked for consistency.
  • error – Storage is in an error state. Further information about the error will be displayed in a status message at the top of the form.
  • unavailable – Storage is not available.
  • Free – Displays the amount of free storage available, shown as the number of bytes as well as a percentage of available space.
  • Size – Shows the total amount of storage allocated for this service.
  • Minimum – Indicates the minimum amount of storage required for this service.
  • Encrypted – identifies whether the storage for the service is currently encrypted or not.
  • Operation – Lists options to perform operations on the storage (resize, format, encrypt).

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