GFI MailInsights®

GFI MailInsightsA reporting facility within GFI Archiver that leverages archived emails to deliver information related to email usage and trends.® is a reporting facility within GFI Archiver that uses archived items to deliver information related to email usage and trends. Use this feature to generate management and HR reports that provide insight on email and resource use or misuse.


GFI MailInsights® is only enabled for users who have been granted the required access rights. For more information, contact your Systems Administrator.

The available reports are:

Report name Description
Communication Flow

Monitor user/group communication patterns inside and outside the organization.

WebMail Use Identify top users exchanging email with WebMail services. Identifies potential data leakages and inappropriate email use.
Email Responsiveness

Gain insight into the average time it takes users to reply to internal and external email.

Storage Use

Understand the impact of attachments on email storage costs. Create appropriate retention policies to control email-related storage space.

Inactive Accounts

Returns a list of user accounts that received email but have not replied within the specified time.

Inappropriate Words

Track inappropriate language in email that violates company policy.

Internal Spammers

Find out which internal users tend to include too many recipients in the To/CC/BCC fields.

Outside Office Hours

Returns a list of internal mail accounts with sending activity outside office hours. Spot behavior which may need more investigation.

Data Leakage Detection

Identify emails with major credit card numbers and US Social Security numbers, or other confidential documents and information.

Job Search

Identify sent or received emails that contain resumes, or are addressed to job search sites.

Phrase Search

Search for specific terms or phrases within archived emails.

User Traffic

View the number of emails exchanged between selected users or groups and their contacts.

Email Topics

Lists topics and common words found within emails exchanged between selected users or groups and their contacts.

Email Performance Indicators

Analyze sent and received emails to classify users' productivity according to a set of predefined performance indicators.

Large Emails report Identify large emails that can be taking up unwanted space in your archive. Email attachments are classified according to specific categories.

GFI MailInsights® Requirements

GFI MailInsights® requires the following configurations: