Post-install Wizard

After GFI Archiver is successfully installed, the Congratulations screen is displayed. Click Configure to start the post install wizard that assists in setting up GFI Archiver .

The Post Install wizard will help you:

Tasks Description
Enter a valid license key A valid license key is required to use GFI Archiver after the product is installed. Use your purchased license key or enter a User Evaluation Key if you are in the process of evaluating GFI Archiver. A User Evaluation Key can be requested from
Setup Archive Store settings

Configure Archive Store settings that define properties such as name, database type and index locations. These settings are used as a template by GFI Archiver to automatically create new Archive StoresA collection of email sources, email metadata and search indexes within GFI Archiver.

Select an Archiving Method

The archiving method defines how items are collected and archived within the GFI Archiver Archive Stores. Choose your preferred archiving method from available options.

Click Next to set up GFI Archiver for first use.

Confirm that the setup for Licensing, the Archive Store Settings and Archiving Method are marked as completed and click Finish. On completing the requirements of the Post Install wizard, you can start using GFI Archiver.