Large Emails report

The Large Email report identifies emails greater than a specified size exchanged between selected users or groups and their contacts. It also lists the attachment categories (for example video, images, music, documents and others).

MailInsights® Large Emails

Filter the report using the following criteria:

Option Description

Specify date range or use default setting. You can only select dates in the last 6 months.

Report for

Select user or group.

Size Define the total email size in MB (message and attachments). Emails greater than the specified size are displayed in the report. The minimum size is 5 MB and is set by default.

The generated report displays the mailbox for the selected user or group at the top of the report. A report summary displays the top 5 users and the total size of emails sent for the specified period. Two charts display a graphical representation of the size of the emails being sent in percentages, one for the top users and the other for attachment categories. For example, if user A sends 5 emails of 5 MB each (total 25 MB) and user B sends 4 emails of 10 MB each (total 40 MB), user B will have more %age in the chart.

Data is broken down in a table underneath the chart as follows:

Table Description
Date Displays the sent date and time of the email.
Sender Sender email address.
Subject Displays the subject of the Email. If you have permission to view the email, you can click the entries in the subject column to display the detected email.
Number of Recipients Total number of recipients who received email from the sender during the specified time period.
Attachment Category The file categories of email attachments (for example video, images, music, documents and others).
Size Total size of email including attachments.

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