GFI Archiver licensing

GFI Archiver requires a license for every mailbox. Each GFI Archiver license is made up of the following:

  • An Archiving license
  • A File Archive Assistant (FAA) license

Each license can be used by the same user to archive items from the mail server and/or to archive files from a client machine using the File Archive Assistant.


Upon the license expiration, the archiving functionality is disabled and a renewal of the license is required to resume the services.

For example, when purchasing a license for 75 users, you can enable archiving for 75 different mailboxes and for each of these users you can also install the File Archive Assistant on their machines.

A user with multiple computers, all of which have File Archive Assistant installed, is still counted as 1 File Archive Assistant license. To free up File Archive Assistant licenses simply uninstall File Archive Assistant from client machines on your network.

You may need to exclude certain mailboxes from archiving while including specific ones. This can be achieved by configuring MailboxA directory or folder used for receipt, filing, and storing messages of emails. Archive Restrictions and determines the number of licensed mailboxes counted by the product.

For more information refer to Configuring Archive Restrictions.

For general information on GFI Archiver licensing, refer to