Data Leakage Detection

Use this report to detect emails that potentially contain sensitive data. The report will detect sent or received emails containing:

  • Major credit card numbers (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club, Discover)
  • USA Social Security numbers
  • Confidential documents and information


The report analyzes both sent and received email for a selected user.

MailInsights® Data Leakage Detection report

Filter the report using the following criteria:

Option Description
Scope Specify date range or use default setting (Last 3 Months). You can only select dates in the last 6 months.
Report for

Enables you to choose for whom this report applies. Run report on all employees (default) or on an user or group.


Internal recipients, external recipients or both. Default is both.

Report format Select the type of output. Reports can be exported as an attachment in PDF or Excel (.xlsx) format.

The results of the generated report are listed in a table sorted by date in ascending order. A report summary above the table displays the top 3 senders.

The table contains the following information:

Option Description
Date Displays the date and time of the email.
Sender Sender email address.

Email subject.


Entries in the subject column contain a link to display the detected email.

Leakage Type

Leakage type can be: Credit card, Social Security Number, confidential data, medical,


If more than one type of leak is detected, only the first one is displayed.

For further information, refer to:

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