WebMail Usage

The WebMail Usage area enables you to generate a report that shows interaction of internal users with web email accounts.

MailInsights WebMail Usage

The report can be filtered using the following criteria:

Option Description
Scope Specify date range or use default setting. You can only select dates in the last 6 months.
Report for

Select user or group.


Specify number of results up to a maximum of 1000 recipients, default value is Top 20.

Report format Select the type of output. Reports can be exported as an attachment in PDF or Excel (.xlsx) format.

The generated report displays a graph that represents total emails sent and received in the specified period. A Summary area at the top of the report shows the top WebMail providers, with a summary of sent and received emails per provider.

The table below the graph contains the following information:

Option Description

User email address.

Total Emails

Total number of internal contacts.

Sent Emails

Total number of sent emails.

Received Emails

Total number of received emails.


Average emails sent and received per day.

Total Percentage

Percentage of total web emails.


WebMail Usage report covers the following WebMail providers: Hotmail; Gmail; Yahoo!; Live; AOL; Facebook; Yandex.ru; Seznam.cz; Gawab.com; Gmx.com; Mail.ru; Hushmail.com; Rediff.com

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