Integration with GFI FaxMaker

Faxes and SMS sent or received by GFI FaxMaker can be archived to GFI Archiver. Archived faxes and SMS can be searched and retrieved using GFI Archiver. GFI Archiver provides also an additional search option within the Simple Search feature to easily search the archive store for items archived by GFI FaxMaker. For more information refer to Configure the Fax Archiving search tab.

To configure the integration in GFI FaxMaker refer to the following topic:


When an Inclusion or Exclusion List is configured, faxes and SMS may not be archived. For example, if you configure GFI Archiver to exclude specific mailboxes from archiving, SMS and faxes sent to that mailbox will not be archived. For more information refer to Configuring Archive Restrictions.