Logging in to GFI Archiver

Select one of the following options to log in GFI Archiver:

  • Go to Start > GFI Archiver > GFI Archiver. The application loads in your default Internet browser. Key in your domain credentials (username and password used to login to Windows®) when prompted.
  • Alternatively, from your Internet browser, key in the following URL:

http://<GFI Archiver host name>/<GFI Archiver virtual folder name>

For example: http://mydomain.com/Archiver

By default, GFI Archiver does not require any login credentials while logging in. It will instead use the credentials of the currently logged in user. Closing your browser session logs off the currently logged on user from GFI Archiver.


To login as a different user, log off your profile and log in using a different Windows® user.


If you are logging in from a computer that is not joined to the domain where GFI Archiver is installed, you will be prompted to key in the credentials used to log in the domain where GFI Archiver is installed.