Installing GFI Archiver

The following sections provide you with information about how to successfully deploy a fully functional instance of GFI Archiver:

Section Description
Installation notes Follow a detailed checklist to ensure that your environment meets the necessary requirements.
System requirements Browse information related to software and hardware requirements and other important settings such as Port Settings, ASP.NET Settings and Database Settings.
Environment considerations Find information related to the environment where you are going to install GFI Archiver.

Preparing a journaling mailbox

Create a journaling mailbox on Microsoft Exchange from where GFI Archiver retrieves items to archive.
Choosing and preparing a database

Configure the database infrastructure to ensure the best performance for data archival and retrieval processes.

Installation procedure Follow the steps to install GFI Archiver.
Removing emails from Microsoft Exchange Server

Once GFI Archiver is configured and items are being archived correctly, create a mailbox management policy to free up space on the Microsoft Exchange server by deleting email that has been archived.

Post-installation tasks After GFI Archiver is successfully installed, follow the post install wizard that assists in setting up GFI Archiver .