Problems with Microsoft KB946983 update and KB952142 update

We found many complaints in internet forums that KB946983 causes various problems with Microsoft Outlook. We were able to reproduce some of them and we reported them to Microsoft. Microsoft update KB946983 has possible problems and we recommend it shouldn't be installed until it will be fixed by some other update. We also found these problems are caused also by a newer version of this update - KB952142.

In order to resolve these problems, follow one of these suggestions:

According to following Microsoft's bulletin, Outlook 2007 with Service Pack 1 isn't affected by security error which is solved by the update KB946983. So users which are using Microsoft Outlook 2007 can use following workaround:

  • Install Service Pack 1 for Outlook 2007.
  • Remove security update KB946983 and security update KB952142.


Sometimes after deleting the KB946983 you may still experience the problem with absent KOFF plugin. You have to enable the plugin within MS Outlook properties.

The procedure for Outlook 2007 follows:

  1. Outlook menu > Tools > Security Center.
  2. Choose "Addins" from lefthand menu.
  3. Choose "Denied Items" from combobox on the bottom of the form; click the "Go..." button next the combo.
  4. Choose "Kerio Outlook Connector User Interface" from the list and click "Allow" button.