How is the Offline Kerio Outlook Connector different from a native Outlook Exchange connection?

In order to accommodate collaboration between Outlook and Kerio Connect, it is necessary to install the Kerio Outlook Connector. With this connector, we use a MAPI interface to manipulate Outlook in a way that very closely resembles a native Exchange connection; however, there are some differences that are noted by this article.

Delegation is supported since Kerio Connect 8.2.x: When sharing folders, the security options are limited to 3 permission levels: admin, editor and reader. Separate permissions cannot be set on individual items of a folder.

Differences in behavior

Unsupported features

  • Advanced sorting views: Some specific, non-standard views will not work.
  • Rules on outgoing email: The Kerio-specific dialog for creating mail filter rules does not work on outgoing emails.
  • Recalling a message: If a message is sent by mistake, it is possible to locate the item in the Sent Items folder and perform an action to recall the message.

3rd party integration

There are many external programs which manipulate Outlook in various ways. Many of these programs use the MAPI interface, while others are communicating directly with the local Outlook database. Programs which use the local database will not work, as the Kerio Outlook Connector uses a proprietary database. Other plugins may work with mixed results. We do not maintain a list of officially supported MAPI plugins. It is recommended to evaluate any other plugins with the Kerio Outlook Connector to verify that all necessary functionality will work without conflicts. If you identify a conflict, please contact Kerio technical support.