Kerio Outlook Connector database upgrade

The upgrade process from one version of Kerio Outlook Connector to another version of Kerio Outlook Connector may require internal database upgrade. Versions of Kerio Outlook Connector which requires database upgrade are listed below.Versions which performs the upgrade of internal database:

  • Kerio Outlook Connector 7.2.0.

Upgrade procedure

Upon installation of the Kerio Outlook Connector, Kerio Outlook Connector will check if the database structure needs to be updated or if it is already up to date. If it detects that the database is not up to date, one of following actions is triggered:

  • The user has enough disk space in his profile - The Kerio Outlook Connector starts the upgrade script which uses the old Kerio Outlook Connector database and builds the new database next to the existing one. When all the data from the old database has been migrated, this database will then be deleted. The database upgrade procedure may take some time dependant on the hardware and disk performance of the users computer (approximate upgrade speed is 1GB per 5 minutes).
  • The user does not have enough disk space in his profile - In this case the local upgrade script cannot finish the upgrade of the old database. A warning message is displayed saying there 'was not enough disk space to proceed with the upgrade of the database'. The upgrade will then be scheduled for the next time you restart MS Outlook. Before you try to start the upgrade again, you need to free up enough disk space (approx. double the size of the exisiting database) otherwise the upgrade will fail continually with the same error message.
  • The local upgrade of database cannot be performed for any other reason - In this circumstance, you will need to create a new profile, or create a new Kerio Outlook Connector database, or you can empty the cache to force a rebuild of the database. In this case the Kerio Outlook Connector builds a new database and it will do a full synchronization from the server. The database is built using data from the Kerio Connect server, but this database upgrade procedure may take more time than the first upgrade scenario. Total speed depends on customers connection speed to the server and on server usage at the time of the synchronization.


Microsoft Outlook will not start until the upgrade procedure finishes. During this time, data in Microsoft Outlook will not be available to the user but the user can still use the Webmail interface to access their mailbox.

It is highly recommended to instruct users that this procedure is going to happen with the upcoming upgrade and instruct them to take the appropriate action. It is also recommended that you carefully schedule this upgrade, because users may have limited access to their mailboxes during the upgrade procedure.