Answers to common questions about Solution Center Application Performance

What type of data is available in an Application Performance report?

An Application Performance report shows the network user experience of an application through a series of charts, tables and graphs.

Inbound bandwidth application

The Inbound and Outbound Bandwidth charts show how much bandwidth the application is using. You should expect the bandwidth to show spikes instead of raised flat tops. Flat tops in the graph often indicate traffic may be limited by policy rules.

The chart shows data measured on the WANWide Area Network-side of the appliance before accelerated traffic is decompressed for inbound traffic and after acceleration and traffic shaping policies have been applied for outbound traffic.

You can overlay the data measured on the LANLocal area network-side of the appliance to show the amount of reductionmeasures the amount of redundant data that has been removed from the network, increasing capacity achieved due to acceleration and traffic shaping.

The users and hosts bar charts show the WAN-side data volumes consumed by the top users and hosts for the application. Typically, applications are used by multiple users or hosts and the traffic distribution is fairly even amongst the top users or hosts.

If one user or host shows considerably more data volume than the other users, it may be reasonable behavior or it may indicate a problem worthy of further investigation. Also, you can choose to show just internal endpoints, that is, hosts and users on the LAN-side of your appliance, or just external endpoints, that is, hosts and users on the WAN-side of your appliance. You can also choose to show just users, just hosts, or both.

Application Performance Score Metrics You should expect a good score (between 8.5 and 10.0). If the score is less than 7.0, you may want to investigate.