Deleting an Application Performance report

The only way to delete a solution is through the command line. However, for some solutions you need to determine the solution ID from the Web UI before you can remove the solution.

  1. Go to Configuration > Objects > Service Levels > Application Performance Scores.
  2. Find the application in the APSApplication Perfromance Score Name column.


The formatting of the name includes "Solution Center" and the ID. For example the CIFS APS object would be called CIFS Solution Center (208).

  1. Make a note of the solution ID.
  2. Open the CLICommnad line interface.
  3. At the prompt, type no solutionc <id>. Examples:
  • no solutionc 208
  • no solutionc VoIPPerformance
  • no solutionc RecreationalTraffic