Recreational Traffic

The Recreational Traffic Report shows the usage of recreational application groups over time for the specified time period. It shows information for games, instant messaging, peer-to-peer, social networking, and streaming. This report can answer questions such as:

  • How much data is going over my network for recreational applications?
  • How many hosts are involved?
  • How much time is spent transferring the data over the network?

Having visibility into key recreational applications is the first step in being able to manage them. These applications are generally undesirable because they can impact the performance of key business applications, negatively impact customer experience, reduce the productivity of users, introduce viruses to the network, and enable downloading of illegal or copyrighted material.

How to set up this report?

The report for recreational traffic can be created on the Exinda Solution Center

  1. Go to Solution Center > Show Solution Center.
  2. Under Network Governance, click Recreational Traffic > Run. A confirmation screen opens.
  3. Click Ok.


Once the report has been set up, you can access it by clicking Solution Center > Recreational Traffic.