Logging into GFI OneConnect

Log in to GFI OneConnect to manage, configure and use the system.

When user information is available in the Data CenterA remote location on a GFI OneConnect Server through which the email traffic is santized and then routed to the Exchange Server. It is also used for queuing emails during outage and for storing archives and synchronized calender and contact information. and user permissions have been configured, all other organization users can also log in to GFI OneConnect.

If the organization uses Windows Authentication, and one or more instances of Windows Authentication Manager are installed and functional, users can authenticate using their Windows credentials. If using Custom authenticationOne of the authentication methods allowed by GFI OneConnect. When this method is used client will receive an email with the URL to log in, their username and temporary password. The user must change their password at the first login., run the Welcome process to ask users to set a GFI OneConnect password. For more information refer to Authenticating to GFI OneConnect.