About GFI OneConnect

GFI OneConnect provides a hosted solution for email ContinuityA feature provided by GFI OneConnect that queues the emails sent and received in a Data Center and ensures that your organization can keep the mail flow even when the email infrastructure is down., email SecurityA service provided by GFI OneConnect that protects your inbound email from viruses, filters out spam and provides mail monitoring features. and email ArchiveA feature provided by GFI OneConnect that can archive all internal and external email into the GFI OneConnect Data Center..

Continuity is an alternative email service that takes the place of your primary email system during a planned or emergency outageRefers to a situation when the email server is down or offline., allowing your end users to continue using email seamlessly.

The Archive feature ensures that sent and received emails are captured and stored in the GFI OneConnect Data CenterA remote location on a GFI OneConnect Server through which the email traffic is santized and then routed to the Exchange Server. It is also used for queuing emails during outage and for storing archives and synchronized calender and contact information. for the time established by the retention policies.

The Security service filters emails for spam, malwareAll malicious types of software that are designed to compromise computer security and which usually spread through malicious methods., viruses and other threats before they reach your network.

The software is made up of:

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