Setting up recurring tickets

Each recurrence starts by creating a new ticket, and setting the configuration options on the Recurrence tab.


To create recurring tickets in GFI HelpDesk, you need a staff account with the 'Recurrence' permission.

  1. Sign into the staff control panel.
  2. Click Tickets in the main menu and select New Ticket.
  3. Select the Send an email option.
  4. NOTE:

    This option sets you as the creator, so no autoresponder is sent to a user.

  5. Select the Department for the ticket it belongs to.
  6. Click the Next button to start editing the ticket contents.
  7. Add an 'email address' to the To field for any staff member who should get an email when this ticket is created.
  8. Fill in the 'ticket properties' and 'content' as you would with any other ticket.
  9. Switch to the Recurrence tab to set the scheduling options for the ticket.
  10. Switch to Recurrence tab

  11. Choose how often you would like the ticket to recur.
  12. NOTE:

    When you make a selection, it opens an additional configuration options.

  13. Set a 'beginning' and 'end' day for the recurrence.
  14. Click the Send button to create your first ticket, and schedule future recurrences.
  15. NOTE:

    When you hit Send, a new ticket is created, whether it follows the recurrence pattern or not.