Understanding how recurrence works in GFI HelpDesk

You can use recurring tickets to automatically create a series of identical tickets at whatever time interval you choose. For example, let us say your team is required to submit performance reports to a particular customer every couple of weeks.

You can create and assign a recurring ticket to a staff member, prompting them to run and send that report every other Monday.

Creating a recurring ticket starts just like creating any ticket, with the additional step of scheduling the ticket creation to happen at regular intervals. You'll have the option to choose from the following:

  • Daily – repeat the ticket every specified number of days or every weekday.
  • Weekly – repeat the ticket every week (or another week, or three weeks, etc.) on the days of the week you choose.
  • Monthly – repeat the ticket on a particular day of the month (for example '22nd' or 'first Tuesday').
  • Yearly – repeat the ticket annually on a particular day of the year.

The rest of the ticket-creation process is identical to creating a normal, one-off support ticket. You define the ticket's properties and content just as you would otherwise. But the options you choose on the Recurrence tab tells GFI HelpDesk when and how often to create an identical ticket.

Now that we've covered what recurring tickets can do, let us go through the process of actually creating one.