Open source software in GFI HelpDesk

This document lists the open source components of GFI HelpDesk. It is to the best of our knowledge and the information available at the time is complete with respect to the latest versions of our software.

However, we make no guarantees as to the completeness or accuracy of the list.

GFI HelpDesk (Fusion and Case)

Library License Compatibility
Dwoo BSD-style v1.0.1
FGMenu MIT/GPL v3.0
FirePHPCore New BSD v0.3
HTML2Text GPL v1.0
HTMLPurifier LGPL v4.5.0
javascriptpacker LGPL v2.0.2
Jaxl New BSD v3.0.0
jCaret MIT v1.0.2
jGrowl MIT/GPL v1.2.6
JPlayer MIT/GPL v2.3.0
jQuery * MIT v1.7.2
jQuery Curvy Corners LGPL v1.9
jQuery QTip MIT/GPL v2.1.1
Less MIT/GPLv3 v0.3.5
PHPExcel LGPL v1.7.6
ReCaptcha MIT v1.5
SQLParser LGPLv3 v0.5
SwiftMailer LGPLv3 v5.0.1
TCPDF LGPL v5.9.009
Text Diff LGPL v1.26
TinyMCE LGPL v4.0.3
XRegExp MIT v1.5.1

*jQueryUI, jQuery cookie, jQuery blockUI, jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin,

jQuery Color Picker, jQuery Validation, jQuery Form, .cookieJar, jQuery JSON,

jQuery Autocomplete, jQuery Star Rating, jQuery Treeview


GFI HelpDesk Desktop for windows

Library License Compatibility
aspell GPL v0.60.5
libcurl MIT v7.28.1
libexpat MIT License v2.0.1
libjingle BSD  
pjsip GPL v1.14
SQLite Public Domain v3.6.10
TightVNC GPL  
OpenSSL BSD v1.0.1c
zlib BSD v1.2.6