Creating maintenance jobs

With GFI EventsManager you can schedule maintenance jobs to be executed on a specific day, at a specific time and at specific intervals. Database maintenance operations may require high utilization of resources. This can degrade server and GFI EventsManager performance. Schedule maintenance jobs to be executed after office hours to maximize the availability of your system resources and avoid any possible disruptions to workflow.

GFI EventsManager supports two types of maintenance jobs as described below:

Job type Description
Import\Export Job Import/export data from/to other instances of GFI EventsManager. Export data and import them in other instances as part of the data centralization process.
Legacy Import Job Import data from older versions of the product. Import data from Microsoft® SQL Server® databases, legacy files and legacy file storage. The import jobs supported by this job type are all based on the database backend types of older versions of GFI EventsManager.

Read the following sections for information about creating the following maintenance jobs: